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Welcome to our academy, a place where our students, coaches and staff thrive off inspiring others to create space for mindfulness and self inquiry in an always-on world.

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level i (LVL1) - beginner

Program Cost: $990

Format: live online program

Experience an 8-week journey blending learning and applying modern mindfulness to your daily live. In our fast pace digital world it's essential that we quicly learn how to slow down and bring our breath, body and mind into the present moment; our health depends on it.

Our Level 1 program helps our students integrate mindfulness rhythms into this busy modern life we live. Learn "breathing for life" exercises, neurological emotional techniques, ChiGong and other ancient techniques from leading experts like Thich Nhat Hanh and Dr. Hawkins. By harmonizing breath, mind, body, and feelings, you'll learn to transform negative thoughts into positive emotions and embrace a healthier, more mindful modern lifestyle. Connect with a supportive community through our WhatsApp group, personalized 1:1 sessions, and buddy teaching. Join us today and start your journey towards lasting mindfulness habits and miracle mornings that can change your life forever.

LVL1 Structure:

  • Duration: 8 weeks live online + online exam
  • Platform: Our program is hosted on our Nordic Academy Portal. Meetings are live on GoogleMeets.
  • Class Time: Mondays 6-7pm EST. Recordings are available, live attendance is encouraged but not required.

Join us and unlock the science of ancient wisdom and modern science for transformative growth you deserve. LVL1 graduates who wish to dive into science-based personalized breathwork and coach others around the world are invited to join LVL2.

Upcoming Cohort:

Fall 2024: 9/30/24 – 11/18/24 

Weekly online classes are held Monday evenings from 6-7 pm EST LIVE. Space is limited.

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  • Week 1 - Understanding mindfulness and full awareness of breathing
  • Week 2 - Creating Space & Habits in the Modern World
  • Week 3 - The 4 Establishments of Mindfulness
  • Week 4 - Breathing & Our Body
  • Week 5 - Breathing & Our Feelings/Emotions
  • Week 6 - Breathing & Our Mental Formations (conditioned by different elements)
  • Week 7 - Breathing & Our Perceptions
  • Week 8 - Breathing for Life & “Breathwork”
  1. Anyone who wants to optimize their own breathing habits and self-discovery. 
  2. Those new to breath training and/or interested in expanding their knowledge base on respiratory health.
  3. Individuals interested in learning the science and application of cold exposure.
  4. Doctors, physical therapists, yoga teachers, and athletic performance coaches … expand your impact with breath education.
  5. If you're simply looking to improve your health and be inspired to start or evolve your mindfulness practices.

Classes are Monday's from 6-7pm EST, live on-line. Recordings are available in your academy portal if you can't make it live.

Your investment includes:

  1. A Level 1 certification upon course completion.
  2. Lifetime access to course material and content.
  3. Joining our Nordic Flow coaching community.
  4. $500 discount on Nordic Wave’s Viking cold plunge.


Completion of training.


Join our global coaching family for life.

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LVL1 graduates get PRO access for free.


Harmonize your breath, body and mind.

Level 2 (LVL2) - Certified Coach

Program Cost: $3990

Format: Live Online Course + Residency + Retreat

LVL2 program is for LVL1 gradutes only.

Dive deep into the science of modern mindfulness and personalized breathwork. Graduate prepared to teach Nordic Flow workshops around the world.

Our students learn and apply the science behind ancient wisdom in their own lives. Through embodying our method our students learn how to authentically inspire others to embrace modern mindfulness - daily breathwork, movement, meditation, and cold plunging.

With a strong foundation we refine our LVL2 student's knowledge and teaching skills, allowing the opportunity to turn passion into a career. Our LVL2 program has 3 milestones: online classes plus exam, workshop residency and our in-person student retreat. All 3 segments are required for become a certified Nordic Flow coach.

Upon graduation our LVL2 graduates teach can Nordic Flow workshops around the world with fruitful pay and promotional support from Nordic Flow's app.

Coming January 2025


Your investment includes:

  • A Level 2 certification upon course completion.
  • Lifetime access to course material and content.
  • A Nordic Flow travel cold plunge for workshops. Valued at $800.
  • Nordic Flow coaches get $500 off Nordic Wave's premium vertical cold plunge, the Viking.
  • On-going community of Nordic Flow coaches and academy leads.

LVL1 must be completed.

  • LVL1 graduates
  • Experienced breathwork teachers looking to expand their knowledge and reach.
  • Applicants must have at least one breath certification (LV1 and yoga certs count).
  • Individuals that embody our values: adaptable, authentic, benevolent, capable, committed, humbly confident, passionate.
  • Breathwork instructors looking to earn more income doing what they love.

LV2 has 4 milestones:

  1. Online Classes are Monday's for 8 weeks from 730-9pm EST, live on-line. Recordings are available in your academy portal if you can't make it live.
  2. Residency is the time between online classes and retreat. Students complete their exam and practice teaching Nordic Flow workshops in preparation for retreat.
  3. Retreat brings all students together in-person. Immerse in nature, build relationships and refine coaching skills over our 4-day retreat.
  4. Graduates stay connected on our global WhatsApp and reunion retreats as you teach worldwide!

Yes, see details at checkout.

Although we encourage live participation, if you have to miss a class you can always watch our recordings in your portal.

  1. Deep dive into the science behind breath psychology, biochemistry and biomechanics.
  2. Explore holistic mindfulness: Buddhist inspired techniques, modern breathwork forms and more.
  3. How to build new habit energies with our 3 jeweled approach and implement first hand.
  4. Expand on breathwork and cold plunge coaching and emotional resilience.
  5. Learn how to leverage our tools for filling Nordic Flow workshops.
  6. Expand on self inquiry and potential.

Yes, our programs are approved by NASM, AFAA, ISSA. Your certificate will include credit units for submission.

Nordic Flow Certification

Coach and inspire others.


Join our global coaching family.

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LVL2 graduates get pro access for free.

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